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EHP - Firmengebäude Welcome to EHP Edelstahlprofile

Over 30 years of reliability.
Material safety ... Consulting safety ... Availability ... Application-optimized quality stainless steel ... ISO 9001 certified

We are one of southern Germany's larger wholesalers of stainless steel products and have our own customer-specific storage area. We are the competent partner you can trust, especially when it comes to complex material specifications - thanks to the technical consultation our experts provide, the independent EHP material tests conducted using our sophisticated equipment, and our EHP processing.

These core competences make us stand out from many of the stainless-steel wholesalers elsewhere in German-speaking countries. For our customers, the EHP name means a safe investment.

One of the key advantages we offer is customer-specific storage solutions - that is, allowing our customers to influence the goods we keep in stock. With our expertise, we can optimize stainless steel alloys for every application-specific purpose and store them until you need them. This can help shorten the product development phase and the achieve a higher quality level in the finished product. We offer pragmatic solutions rather than theoretical ones. We see our customer-oriented approach as one of the pillars of our success.

Our success is based on providing excellent consultation, premium quality and sustainable growth - not on focusing on maximizing short-term profits. Our customers represent a wide range of different industries, such as packaging, special-purpose machinery, medical technology, automotive manufacturing, etc. EHP stainless steel can be found in our customers' finished products around the world.

It goes without saying that we are dependable and maintain confidentiality in handling all of our customers' data and project developments. Our company's true capital is the dedication and wide-ranging knowledge of our highly qualified staff.

Working together, our goal is to give our customers competent, reliable and flexible support. Along with good value for their money. After all,

the foundation of our long-term success is our customers' long-term success.