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Services - custom warehousing with our five-star service

Gold-star consultation ... Gold-star quality ... Gold-star selection ... Gold-star availability ... Gold-star delivery service

As stainless steel wholesalers, we offer you one of the best-stocked stainless steel warehouses in southern Germany.

EHP's warehouse flexibility is a real benefit for mid-sized and international companies.

Your EHP inventory is stored where you want it:

The goods on stock are up to you.

When it comes to standard inventory, we offer «just in time» deliveries, which means you do not have to finance your materials in advance.

Another form of production security we offer is call-off orders, which are processed to fulfill customer specifications
at prices and terms arranged on the day of storage.

We sign year-long contracts which allow you to manage your customized storage area online based on defined criteria.

You can count on our experience!

  • Made-to-order products

  • Flat and square bars:
    Customized dimensions
    from 500 kg up

    Round bars:
    Customized dimensions
    from 1 t up